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Woyzeck inspired by Georg Buchner

Friday, July 19
8:00PM - 10:00PM

100 Jackson St.
Houston, Texas 77002

Artistic Director, Matt Hune and exciting young writer, Maurielle McGarvey have re-invented Büchner’s 19th century tragedy into a jaw-dropping thriller set in modern suburbia. Performances begin July 17 and continue through August 3 (see schedule).

Buchner’s achingly powerful tale—based on the real-life case of a mid-1800s German soldier who stabbed his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy—becomes an all-too familiar, yet disturbingly gruesome piece that spirals into the madness and messiness of isolation, technology, proximity, and identity. Rec Room Arts’ Woyzeck is part play, part dance, and part fever dream. This enticing new production is inundated with adolescent anxiety and lays bare the challenges of navigating first love. A summer production that can’t be missed.

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