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Respect: A Musical Journey of Women

Respect:  A Musical Journey of Women PG - Musical/Regional Premiere By Dr. Dorothy Marcic Directed and Choreographed by Patdro Harris Musical Direction by Chika Kaba Ma’tunde  Previews: June 20, 21, 24 OPENING NIGHT: June 20, 2020 Runs:  June 25 - July 26, 2020 Respect, a resonating anthem of solidarity and empowerment in times of struggle…


Beatbox: A Raparetta

Beatbox: a raparetta PG-13 Drama-Regional Premiere By Dan Wolf and Tommy Shepherd Directed by Rachel Hemphill Dickson Previews: May 9, 10, 13 OPENING NIGHT: May 9, 2020 Runs:  May 9 - June 7, 2020 BEATBOX: A Raparetta is a modern dramatic musical production written and performed in rhythm and rhyme with vocal drumbeats (beatboxing), hip hop…

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