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New Maker Hub to Create Jobs and Provide High-Tech Training in East End Houston

New Maker Hub to Create Jobs and Provide High-Tech Training in East End Houston

On November 13, Houston City Council approved $24 million in federal funding to develop a new high-tech maker hub in East End Houston. The long-awaited project will be a hub for education, job training and manufacturing opportunities aimed at supporting and scaling small batch manufacturing in Houston’s historic East End community.

The new East End Maker Hub is a community wealth building project of Urban Partnerships Community Development Corp. (UP CDC) and TXRX Labs, a non-profit industrial makerspace that has operated in the Second Ward for nearly a decade. The renovated 307,000 square foot facility will provide around 60,000 square feet to TXRX, effectively doubling its current capacity for job training in many high-tech and blue-collar technical fields. The remaining space will be leased out to startups.

UP CDC was created in partnership with the East End District in 2017 with a mission to catalyze commerce and economic development to benefit low and moderate income residents of Houston’s culturally unique and central neighborhoods through job growth initiatives, cultural and arts promotion, and real estate development and management.

Patrick Ezzell, President of UP CDC, said that group has received a $5 million grant from the Economic Development Association to build out the TXRX space and that TXRX will also be contributing $1.25 million of its own funds to that build-out. An additional $7 million will come from New Market Tax Credits. The total cost for the project is around $37 million according to Ezzell.

Additionally, he expects the facility to create over 400 living wage jobs and to be the foundation for improving the skills of the local workforce that serves the industrial manufacturing facilities located in the East End community.

With a strong focus on education, the East End Maker Hub will outreach to over 14,000 young people each year, engaging with public, private, and charter schools as well as community organizations to provide hands-on learning and maker-skills that immerses students in manufacturing career pathways.

TXRX, who provides tools and training in woodworking, welding, 3D printing, metalsmithing, and other trades, plans to partner with UP CDC to provide apprenticeship programs for East End residents that hope to increase their demand or qualify for a higher paying job by learning a new skill or trade.

The Maker Hub will support the work of 100 small urban manufacturers, including 20 start-ups interested in developing physical products that support the greater Houston manufacturing ecosystem. The startups who become tenants at the East End Maker Hub are agreeing, to the best of their ability, to hire individuals that are trained through the TXRX program.

UP CDC and TXRX hope to close on the warehouse purchase this month, with the overhaul beginning in mid-December. The East End Maker Hub plans to welcome its first tenants in the summer of 2020.

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