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Leopards on the Prowl - An Introduction to Navarro Middle School

Leopards on the Prowl - An Introduction to Navarro Middle School

The following content is provided by Wendy Armstrong, ELA/Reading Teacher, and Chief Editor of the Leopards on the Prowl Community Newsletter at Yolanda Black Navarro Middle School in East End Houston.

Yolanda Black Navarro School of Excellence serves 6th through 8th grade students in East End Houston. With an understanding that school is more than just a building where children come to learn, Navarro Middle School treats their campus a hub for community activity and embraces East End Houston as a Community School.

What is a Community School?

Thanks to support from the Houston Endowment and the City of Houston, Every Community Every School is a comprehensive initiative to connect students to non-academic support needed to improve their well-being and academic achievement. Often called Wraparound Services, the types of support we refer address critical issues such as health needs, meals, homelessness and many other challenges which are not part of our strong academic commitment to our students. When we can meet the needs of the whole child, we can graduate students who are college and career ready.

Community Programs
As a hub for the community, Navarro Middle School is working to bring programs, not just for students, but for adults in the community, as well. Computer literacy, job training, and ESL lessons are a start, but we need YOUR input to know what you want and need!

School Programs
Navarro’s Wrap-Around program includes outreach into the community to bring After School programs to the students during the school year including Flag Football, Chess, Gardening, Dance, Girl’s Empowerment, and Robotics to name a few.

Summer Enrichment programs are also on the way! Registration is now available for the summer enrichment programs at Navarro Middle School. Summer programs are available to 4th and 5th graders, middle school students, and high school students. Space is limited, so register today by e-mailing Steven Deutsch at

Community Council
The Navarro East End Community Council meets once each month to discuss needs and happenings in the East End Community. This enthusiastic group is made up of school teachers, staff and parents, along with community members, leaders, non-profit organizations and businesses. The purpose of the Council is to bring the community together to grow together.

Time, Talent, Treasure
Be a part of the community with us! If you have time, consider volunteering with one of our programs or events, or becoming a part of the Community Council. If you have a talent, let’s work together to find a way to promote it. If you have treasure, which could be resources of any kind, let us know and we will be happy to work together to find a way to put those resources to work with our students and the community.

Do you know of a need or an interest in the community? Let us know! We would like to work together to strengthen our area. For more information contact Steven Deutsch, Wraparound Resource Specialist – Navarro Middle School at

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