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TOPGUN: Navy Fighter School

Tuesday, January 21
6:00PM - 7:00PM

2311 Canal Street
Houston, Texas 77003

The United States Navy Fighter Weapons School is the formal name of “TOPGUN.” TOPGUN was made famous in a 1986 movie and will again be center stage in an upcoming sequel. The movies, while entertaining, do not accurately portray the TOPGUN program, which is a school to educate pilots on ways to teach advanced tactics. Yarko “J.J.” Sos ran the TOPGUN training program from 1998-2000 and will share his experience as an instructor. The presentation will go into detail about the evolution of aircraft bombing over the last 80 years, the influence of precision weapons, and the ways that “effects based” mission planning has greatly improved the efficacy of aerial bombardment. J.J. will also share personal “war stories” from Desert Storm and lessons learned “the hard way.”

Serving as a fighter pilot for over 22 years in both the US Navy and US Air Force, Yarko “J.J.” Sos retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel, commanding the 119th Fighter Squadron, NJANG. J.J. amassed more than 4,000 flight hours in F-14s, F/A-18s, and F-16 fighter jets. In retirement, he became one of the founding members of Check-6 International, a performance leadership company comprised exclusively of military veterans. J.J. holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers University-Camden. He resides with his wife and family in Houston, Texas.

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