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Raheleh Filsoofi: On Transcending the Inhibited Space

Thursday, August 16
6:00PM - 8:00PM

One Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002

The exhibition consists of two, related installations by the Iranian-American artist, Raheleh Filsoofi.  Her career is rooted both in Iran and the United States, and her work spans the gulf between the culture of ancient Persia and international trends in art as they are interpreted in the Americas.  Her conceptual approach to art, which features video and sound, enables her to address important contemporary issues, often through psychological perception.  She is fascinated by the sense that place has in one’s identity and how visual and aural stimulae serve to define it.

The installation ‘Imagined Boundaries’ looks at the real and artificial divisions that separate societies in America and Iran.  Boxes arranged in a honeycomb with cut-out designs that recall forms in Persian architecture are used as channels for looking from the present reality of the display to the simultaneous reality of another exhibition space in Iran.  There are people there, too, and they look through the channel at you, the visitor, as you look back at them.  Who are they?  What are they thinking?  Is it foreign or familiar?  The installation teases and challenges the viewer to ask what is on the other side and what the border in between really means.  By fostering engagement through art, Filsoofi addresses the need for dialogue across distances that can be crossed easily through communications and transport technology but that remain apart, largely due to rhetoric.

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