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Music Doing Good presents “In.My.Feelings.”

Friday, May 11
7:30PM - 9:30PM

800 Bagby
Houston, Texas 77002

Children from Cummings Elementary, Gregory-Lincoln Education Center (GLEC), Mata Intermediate School, Arrow Liberation Academy. Baylor College of Medicine Middle School, The Rusk School, and Askew Elementary School have been diligently learning their lines, choreography and rehearsing since September 2017 to deliver this mindful Hip-hop program. They will be joined on stage by selected students from Chavez High School, Northshore Middle School and Northshore Senior High School.

“IN. MY. FEELINGS. highlights the everyday pressures — bullying, gender bias, low self-esteem, and ill will towards others — that students face. If left unresolved, these experiences often manifest as anger, sadness, hurt, and defeat. Through the teachings of female superheroes named Love, Respect, Accountability, and Humility, children learn how to apply positive techniques to change their thinking and response to negativity,” explains Program Director, Aisha Ussery, M.Ed.

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