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Celebrating the Creative Journey: “Crumbs From the Table of Joy”

Monday, June 17
6:00PM - 8:00PM

3535 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002

Crumbs From the Table of Joy
by Lynn Nottage
Rebecca Uden

This break out play for Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage is the coming of age story of a young Black girl whose family is finding its way through the Brooklyn of 1950, as she teeters between filtering her life experiences through the fantasy of movies and learning the real poetry and pain of the world.

The reading of Crumbs From the Table of Joy is part of a national collaborative with Project1VOICE, a 501(c)(3) performing arts service organization whose mission is to provide significant support, access and adequate representation of the Black experience in the American theater-an integral part of the English-speaking theater-through its robust programming and innovative partnerships.

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