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Living out loud as a form of expression is nonetheless the antidote for Nigerians! Tradition, food and culture are held to a high standard that exudes beauty and prestige. It is a little-known fact that Houston holds the largest population of Nigerians that live outside of the country itself. The Nigeria Cultural Parade will become…


Solo Exhibition: Archetype Unknown featuring Vincent Fink

What is your personality other than a collection of experience? Some people say nothing is left when you take away all memories of self-identity. As time goes on, more characteristics once thought to be simply “human” have been revealed to exist throughout the animal kingdom. As we study how emotions turn into habits, habits into…


Screen Queens Book Club

From the moment they are born, girls internalize popular culture's depiction of who they are versus who they aren't, what they want versus what they shouldn't, and who they can be versus who they can't. What it means to be a "girl" towers over us. It casts a shadow over everything and obscures our sense…


Dumped and Forgotten Below the Milam Street Bridge

Dumped and Forgotten Below the Milam Street Bridge will be on display from May 16 – August 4, 2018 in the Museum Gallery. One of the highlights of the exhibit is an amazing, never-before exhibited Civil War era archaeology collection that has received new life with modern conservation treatments and has been researched by experts…



Houston Public Library present Habitantes exhibition by Justin Earl Grant. Grant´s watercolors attempts to narrate some story or emotion felt by the public in regards to its relationship to our urban environment.   HABITANTES We live here, in this place that haunts us, and this is where we are and share what we inhabit. We…

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